Pokémon GO!

pokemon_goAre you a Pokémon GO! player? Come into Jake’s Desserts and enjoy an exclusive discount on a cool dessert while you “catch ’em all”!

Monday thru Thursday Trainer Discount – Come enjoy your desserts along with your 10% discount. Must present to us your trainer ID to obtain your discount.

Friday Happy Hour Milkshakes – Specialty Milkshakes featuring JigglyPuff, Bulbasaur, Psyduck, Charmander, Abra and Pikachu.

#CatchEm@Jakes Saturday – The nearest Pokestop is reachable in this store! While attempting to catch your Pokemon in store, take a picture of the Pokemon (with AR camera on) and post it on your social media with the hashtag #CatchEm@Jakes and receive 10% off your desserts!

PokeMelt Sunday – Introducing our PokeMelt! Come and enjoy our delicious Cookie Melt version of a Pokeball all day on Sundays.